Monday, 15 June 2015

Learn Best Beauty Tips for Bride Before Marriage

You are going to have your special day that is your wedding time. All the eyes will be on you that day. So you should ready yourself for your special day. There are some skin care tips for bride before marriage that will definitely help you to get instant glow to your skin. Eat watermelon, clean your skin properly, avoid sun tan, treat pimples and some other beauty tips for brides.

Eat Watermelon:- Watermelon is popular fruit. It makes your skin glowing and keeps it hydrated. You can also eat broccoli, grapefruits and lettuce. Such fruits are good for skin and keep skin glowing and healthy.

Clean Your Skin Properly:-  You must be doing the cleaning every day but this time you need to take special care of skin. You should clean your skin properly two times in a day once in morning and second time in evening after going to sleep.

Avoid Sun:- Avoid sun to stop tanning as it may cause long term effects on your skin. Whenever going outside, apply sunscreen on your face and also cover your face properly.

Treat Pimples:-  There is one very important beauty tip for bride before marriage if your skin is prone to pimples. It is right time to treat pimples if there are 3-4 months still left in your marriage. Meet the dermatologist and start applying prescribed lotion or gel to get rid from acne and acne marks.

Use Facials:- Go for facial as per your skin type. You can go to any good parlour for the facial.

Exfoliate:-Exfoliation is very important. It helps in cleaning your skin. You can use exfoliation face scrub.

Drink lots of water:-  Drink lots of water in a day. It keeps your skin moisturized, fresh and promotes internal detoxification.

Drink Juices:- Eat lots of vegetable and fruit juices on daily basis. It provides natural glow to your skin. It is must apply beauty tip for bride before marriage.

Avoid Junk and oily food: - If you love junk and oily food then this time to say good bye to everything. Avoid eating junk and oily food as you may lose the charm of your skin. Junk food may also cause the acne problems and make your skin oily.

Take Proper Sleep: - Take proper sleep every day. Don’t sleep too much and too less.  Proper sleep keeps your skin glowing as well as prevents dark circles. 

Eat Balanced diet: - It is most important beauty tip for bride. Eat balanced diet like green vegetables, curd, lots of salads, wheat based products, fruits and nuts. Balanced diet will provide natural shine to your skin.

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